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‘3 consecutive wins → 4 consecutive losses’ Samsung, what about the 0.5 game gap with the lowest ranked Hanwha…Meet Lee Seung-yeop’s Doosan

Samsung fell into a 4-game losing streak after winning 3 games in a row. It is only 0.5 game difference with the lowest-ranking Hanwha. 

Samsung met Kiwoom and KIA in turn last week. The start was good. Samsung brought the first round of Kiwoom. Starter Baek Jeong-hyeon’s performance led to a 6-4 victory. 

Samsung put up Lee Jae-hee, a right-hander in his third year, as the starting pitcher for the second game. Until last year, Lee Jae-hee only pitched in 5 games in the first team. On the other hand, Kiwoom predicted Ahn Woo-jin, a top-notch ace representing the league, as a starting pitcher. 

Samsung’s inferiority was expected by anyone, but they won 9-5 after an extended bloody battle. Since the match against Daegu Lotte on the 16th, they have won three consecutive victories. Jumping in a tie for 6th place, he took one more step towards the mid-table jump. 

Samsung tried to sweep the first three games of the season with ace David Buchanan in the final confrontation with Kiwoom, but was caught 1-6. Only scored 1 point per inning. It wasn’t that there weren’t any scoring chances. One shot didn’t explode. 

Samsung, who ended Kiwoom’s 3 consecutive matches with a 2-1 winning series, met the lowest-ranking KIA in Gwangju. It was seen as a good opportunity to add a multiplier, but it went wrong from the start. 

In the ninth inning, leading 4-2 in the first game, left-hander Lee Seung-hyeon, who took the place of Oh Seung-hwan to crack down on the back door, hit Hyung-woo Choi with a 3-run home run. 4-5 losses. In the second game, starter Won Tae-in was shaken with 5 runs in 6 innings, and the other line was silent and lost 2-6. 

On the 23rd, Samsung, which fell into the swamp of three consecutive losses, made left-hander Baek Jeong-hyeon as the starting pitcher. I expected the performance shown against Kiwoom on the 18th, but I took the 3rd loss of the season with 3 runs in 4 innings. Samsung, who scored 1 point in the 1st inning and 2 points in the 7th inning, lost 3-5 and fell into a quagmire of 4 consecutive losses. 

Samsung’s weekly team batting average was 2.56, ranking 6th out of 10 clubs, and the team’s ERA was 5.09, ranking 8th.  스포츠토토

Among the key hitters, Lee Won-seok (7 hits, 5 RBI, 1 run in 13 at-bats) and Kim Ji-chan (7 hits, 5 RBI, 5 runs in 23 at-bats) performed well, while Jae-il Oh (3 hits, 1 RBI, 2 runs in 22 at-bats) and Lee Seong-gyu (2 hits, 1 RBI in 19 at-bats) performed well. 2 points). Among the starting pitchers, Baek Jung-hyun was the only quality starter. 

Samsung is suffering from a series of injuries and is barely holding on. He is leading the team with the feeling of wringing out a so-called dry towel. It seemed to be on the rise by running 3 consecutive wins in the absence of a living, but fell into a quagmire of 4 consecutive losses and is only 0.5 games behind the lowest ranked Hanwha. 

From the 25th, Samsung will invite Doosan to the homeroom and play three consecutive matches during the week. Doosan, led by coach Lee Seung-yeop, a former Lions franchise star and the main character of the club’s third permanent absence, is ranked third after SSG and LG, including a 3-game winning streak. How will Samsung overcome this crisis?


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