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A baseball field that does not drain, sloppy management… The bare face of the ‘home of baseball’

It rained heavily in Tucson, Arizona, USA from the dawn of the 27th (Korean time).

The raindrops, which were getting stronger and stronger, turned into large snowflakes and fell. Even the locals in the US say, “It seems like it’s snowing” and are amazed. The day before, Mount Lemmon, north of Tucson, which exposed its flesh as the high daytime temperature rose to 24 degrees Celsius, was again covered with white snow that day.

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) team canceled its practice game schedule with the LG Twins this morning. But it wasn’t the weather.

The Kino Veteran Memorial Stadium, where the national team and LG decided to have a practice game, had a tarpaulin covering only the mound and home plate. There was water all over the ground. After 10:00 a.m. local time, the torrential rain stopped like a lie, and soon the blue sky and warm sunlight shone down. The low temperature and cold wind were still there, but there was no problem in playing the game as long as the ground drainage work and maintenance were done.

Even so, the officials at the stadium were just looking at the water standing here and there. The water accumulated on the ground did not seep into the floor over time like in domestic stadiums. An official from the national team sighed, saying, “I checked the condition of the stadium from dawn that day, but there was no drainage-related facility in the stadium.”

Arizona, which is located in the middle of the desert, has an average annual rainfall of less than 200 mm. In February of last year, it only rained twice in Tucson. An official from the national team said, “Unlike Korea or other regions where it rains frequently, Tucson has poor drainage facilities not only in the stadium but also in the city. In fact, in downtown Tucson, there were large puddles of water all over the road that day.

Local TV news in the US had been predicting rain for a few days. Considering the poor drainage environment and the practice schedule, it was worth taking measures such as covering the ground with a tarp by the local stadium management. 온라인카지노 However, there was no such measure, and there was no movement to prepare countermeasures. Even considering that it is a training facility not used by major league and minor league baseball teams, it is inevitable that it is one of the representative facilities in the region. It is at a level comparable to that of small local stadiums in Korea.

Kino Sports Complex is a place where many indoor and outdoor training facilities are gathered in addition to the Veterans Memorial Stadium. It is known to be highly efficient in that part-specific training is possible in a nearby location. This is the reason why domestic teams have spent a considerable amount of money to fly to the United States and spend spring camp here. The WBC national team also made a significant investment. However, through this training, the bare face that has been hidden so far is being revealed. Although the United States prides itself on being the ‘home of baseball’, management is failing to live up to its reputation.


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