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A game of notice toward the FA Big 3. Choi Jun-yong Moon Seong-gon Yang Hong-seok Where?

The game of notice has begun.

The competition between the clubs for the Big 3 free agent (FA) has begun. The eye game is extreme. The atmosphere is unusual.

On the 8th, KBL announced 47 people who qualified for FA in 2023. They can freely negotiate with 10 clubs until the 22nd. It’s called a ‘blink game’.

The maximum number of players this season is 3. They are Choi Jun-yong (29, SK), Moon Seong-gon (30, KGC), and Yang Hong-seok (25, KT). The three players represent professional basketball forwards. It is a wingman resource.

Choi Jun-yong is a multiplayer representative of the league. Moon Seong-gon has a strong defense that won the best defense award this season. As far as his defense, no player has been able to match him in recent years. Not only that, but his outstanding activity and invisible contribution are high.

Yang Hong-seok has been sluggish this season, but his strengths are accurate shooting ability and offensive ability that goes back and forth. He has to enlist in the military, but his young age is also a strong point. Besides, he is a player who still has both power and potential.

Multiple basketball-related magazines said, “The ransom of the three players is highly likely to be in the 700-800 million won range.”

Choi Jun-yong was initially likely to renew his contract with SK. However, he suffered an injury right before this season and was unable to make the playoffs due to a heel fracture.

SK plans to negotiate with Choi Jun-yong. However, there are concerns about durability. Choi Jun-yong’s position as a leading star of SK has fallen a lot.

Initially, SK planned to catch Choi Jun-yong, who was released as a free agent. However, as this season goes on, there are doubts about Choi Jun-yong. In the end, money matters.

SK’s concerns grow when Choi Jun-yong demands a high amount. It is the position that various calculations are needed in terms of ‘cost-performance ratio’. 카지노사이트

An official said, “SK will negotiate with Choi Jun-yong, but there is a possibility of finding another alternative if they ask for more than an appropriate amount.”

Moon Seong-gon is the main player in the KGC combined championship. Sincerity and defense are strengths. In KGC, Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon are both free agents. KGC is in a position to catch Moon Seong-gon, but one team in the metropolitan area and one in the province are interested in Moon Seong-gon.

KGC can’t miss both Oh Se-geun and Moon Seong-gon. However, in reality, it is not easy to catch both of them.


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