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Aaron Judge’s Temptation “I’m a big fan of Ohtani, do you like New York?”

“If you like New York, I hope you come.”

Aaron Judge (New York Yankees) and Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels) competed for the American League MVP last year. The two faced off against each other. Judge said, “I’m a big Ohtani fan.”

The Yankees and the Angels will face each other three times in a row from the 19th (Korean time) at Yankee Stadium in New York, USA. The Yankees have Judge, the “home run king,” and the Angels have Ohtani, a modern-day Babe Ruth and dual wielder star. On the 19th, the first day of the series, Ohtani hit a two-run home run, and Judge was silent with no hits in three at-bats. However, the next day, on the 20th, Judge hit a two-run home run, and Ohtani was silent with no hits in four at-bats. It’s a fun relationship.

It is a friendly competition. In 2021, Ohtani won the American League MVP, and last year, Judge set a new American League home run record with 62 home runs and became the MVP. They will have to compete this season as well. 안전놀이터

On the 19th, Judge revealed his thoughts on Ohtani in an interview with Japan’s ‘Sankei Sports’ in New York. Judge said, “Ohtani and I are friends. I am a big fan of Ohtani. I like how he plays both pitcher and hitter and how he fights on the field. So we are not rivals. We are competing in good faith.” did.

Judge signed a 9-year, $360 million contract with the Yankees after becoming a free agent last winter. This year, it’s Ohtani’s turn. Ohtani, who will receive his first free agent qualification after this season, is expected to be able to sign a contract worth more than $ 400 million.

When asked by reporters where he expected Ohtani to go, Judge hesitated and said, “I hope Ohtani likes New York.” It was like he revealed his true intentions of wanting to play for the same team.


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