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‘About two weeks into my directorial debut’ Ansan director Lim Kwan-sik “There’s so much to do, but I have to do it”

About two weeks after his appointment, Ansan Greeners head coach Lim Kwan-sik explained the process and direction of putting his colors on the team.

On the 29th, Ansan and Bucheon FC 1995 will meet in the 29th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 at Ansan Wah~ Stadium starting at 7:30 pm.

This will be Lim’s second game in charge of Ansan. Lim, who was officially appointed to Ansan on the 16th, made his debut as Ansan manager on the 19th against Chungnam Asan in the 27th round. Ansan will welcome Bucheon at home with about 10 days of maintenance time as the team has a break in the 28th round.

Speaking to the media before the match, Lim said, “It’s easy to plan to change a team’s tactics, but it’s hard to get the players to understand and implement them. The tactical changes I want to make are not flashy, but there is still a buffer. The old habits are ingrained in the muscles. But it’s changing little by little. The concept is ‘let’s have a little more possession of the ball’. If we can increase our possession, it’s good, and we want to finish as much as possible. We’re going to start transitioning the ball more and more. After that, we communicated what we will do depending on the situation when we score first and when we concede,” he said of his preparations for the break.

This is Lim’s first time coaching at the professional level. He previously coached at Gwangju FC and Gimcheon Sangmu. Until recently, he was the head coach of the Jeonnam Dragons.

Speaking about the difference between coaching and managing, Lim said, “When I was a coach, I couldn’t implement my own concepts. Now, I have to share my thoughts and make them aware. I try to make them more mature through repeated training.” “There is so much work to do. But you have to do it. It’s a lot of stress and work that I have to endure.”

Ansan is currently in 12th place with 17 points. They are 12 points behind 11th-place Seoul Eland FC and seven points behind 13th-place Cheonan City FC. With motivation hard to come by, Lim is focusing on improving the team’s form rather than the immediate standings. “At the end of the season, our ranking could be the same or it could go up. I’m not afraid of a situation where we play better and we lose ground. We’ll take it. If we can make a difference in the motivation and performance of our players, we will give it our all and show them how they are changing in the preseason. I think the players are a little bit more motivated because I’m giving them the details.” 소닉카지노

Despite the hustle and bustle of a mid-season head coaching job, Lim has had a break and two back-to-back home games. He hopes to show Ansan a different side from now on. “It was a golden opportunity,” he said, “and although I can’t complete what I want right now, I’m planning to make each game different.


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