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Advice from a senior with big league experience… Yoon Seok-young “Step by step to advance into Europe, timing is important”

Yoon Seok-young (32, Gangwon FC) performed well at the 2012 London Summer Olympics and received a ‘love call’ from multiple European clubs when he won a bronze medal. Eventually, he joined Queens Park Rangers (QPR) in January 2013 and stepped on the stage of the English Premier League (EPL). Park Ji-seong (41), technical director of Jeonbuk Hyundai, gathered a lot of expectations while eating rice in one pot.

Yoon Seok-young, however, finished the season without playing in a single game during the second half. In particular, he was thoroughly shunned by former manager Harry Redknapp (75, England). Even after that, his life was not smooth. He did not receive many opportunities to play, and had a difficult time, such as changing loans. He only played 37 career games in his three years at QPR.

In the end, after ending his companionship with QPR in 2016, he moved to Kashiwa Reysol in the Japanese J-League through the Danish Superliga Brønbu IF and liquidated the European stage. Afterwards, he returned to the K-League stage and continued his career by joining Gangwon FC in 2021.

Yoon Seok-young has experienced the big league stage and had a harder time than anyone else, so he expressed his wish that his juniors would not go through the same procedure. He met with reporters at the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 10th and said, “Looking back on the past, I think it would be good to advance to the European stage with a step-by-step. Also, timing seems to be really important. “he said.

In particular, Yoon Seok-young said, “I hope there will be a way to go out when there is a good opportunity,” with Yang Hyun-joon (21), who has recently opened up the possibility of advancing to Europe within Gangwon FC. I don’t. If there is an opportunity to go straight to the big leagues, I think I’ll be worried. But I think it’s better to take steps step by step.” 토토사이트

He said, “In fact, in my case, I received offers from other European clubs, such as Germany, even before the London Olympics. Every time I went to the club and coach and asked for a transfer, it failed. Timing seems to be important.” “It was winter when I went to QPR, It was in the relegation zone, and it was when Redknapp took over as new coach as the existing coach was hardened. Because of the situation like this, I couldn’t seize the opportunity. It’s what Ji-sung Park said, and it’s very difficult to adapt if you go in the middle. Certainly, when the season starts, it’s the first time I think it’s important to make it together from the beginning,” he added.


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