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Advise the successor of Gwang Hyeon-jong, who has a “sticky feeling”, with the official ML ball and pitched for the first time with the KBO official ball

NC is smoothly conducting spring camp.

According to NC on the 3rd (hereinafter Korean time), Son A-seop, who was in charge of captaining the 2023 season, said at a team meeting before the first training session of ‘CAMP 2’, “I feel responsible for being appointed as captain by voting for the entire team. We are all grown up adults. I think everyone knows what to do and what not to do. I think it is right that the players should also be held accountable when the rules we have set are broken. In order to hold the camp in a good atmosphere, I hope that the discipline within the team will be followed well, and as the captain, I will communicate well with the club about what the players need. I hope we can start the day by greeting each other brightly when we come to the baseball field.”

Coach Kim Soo-kyung said, “It takes time to check the players’ abilities, but many players who can compete for selection have joined this camp. Since it is a camp held in a warm place in the bay, each player had to plan their own pitching schedule according to their recovery status and routine so that they would not get injured ahead of their motivation. ” said

Hitting coach Song Ji-man said, “The main players cannot be in charge of the entire season. There are many young players on our team. The hitting part will help young players set up their own training routine and gain confidence through this ‘CAMP 2’.” A Daily Routine Session was added to provide time to recover the senses and feel of the body and develop proactive thinking.It is expected that players will learn a batting form and training method that suits their body to reduce the width of the long season cycle. do,” he said.

Battery coach Kim Jong-min said, “The four catchers (Park Se-hyeok, Park Dae-on, Ahn Jung-yeol, and Kwon Jeong-woong), who are clearly motivated by a new team and a new environment, digested the first turn with enthusiasm. .In the first turn, we trained with a focus on awakening the physical condition and senses. Although they were all competitive, they were full of energy in a fun atmosphere. The catcher part of this camp aimed to identify the characteristics of our team’s pitchers. Both pitchers and catchers newly joined. As there are many players, the priority is to get to know the pitchers on our team. Before pitching, we will have a conversation with the pitcher 메이저놀이터 we will be working with about the pitching theme of the day, and after the pitching is over, we will make notes on the characteristics we have identified and accumulate data. I hope to have a healthy competition without injury in the .

Lee Jong-wook, tactical coach, said, “We are trying to emphasize active base running so that we can take one more base out with creative play depending on the situation during the camp. We have prepared situational training so that you can run.”

Defensive coach Jin Jong-gil said, “For this camp, we prepared three keywords: routine play (situational awareness), communication, and strong mentality. By setting up various virtual situations, players running on the ground were ordered to recognize and prepare for the next situation through flexible communication. I plan to take a lot of team play so that the pitcher and catcher can communicate together and play their respective roles depending on the situation.”


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