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After 5 Billion Shortstop? A 20-year-old dreaming of ‘The Sun of Resignation’

“There are many good newcomers, but there is no place to play right now. Rather than betting on an uncertain future, I wanted to solve the military problem as soon as possible.”

Lotte Giants’ military service strategy is to return as quickly as possible. It is good if the opportunity becomes a managing director, and if not, I recommend that you solve it first, even if it is active duty.

Hwang Seong-bin and Ko Seung-min are representative examples of active duty players. Son Seong-bin and Na Seung-yeop are currently sweating at managing directors.

In the first half of this year, there are also three Sangmu enlisted men. This is Han Tae-yang, Jo Se-jin, and Choo Jae-hyun. Choo Jae-hyun enlisted first on the 16th, and Han Tae-yang and Cho Se-jin, who were enlisted motives, will be heading to Sangmu together on May 8 as if they enlisted together. Initially, Lee Kang-jun was included here, but he was designated as a compensation player outside of 20 by free agent Han Hyun-hee and changed his uniform to Kiwoom Heroes. 먹튀검증

This fast pace of military service will continue in the future. Except for Park Se-woong, there are not many players whose enlistment has been delayed. Since Park Se-woong is an essential selection resource within the team, his enlistment was delayed. The recruitment of Han Hyun-hee also means to prepare for the military vacuum after next year by Park Se-woong, who will give up his business and join ‘Win Now’ this season.

Some of the Lotte players left for Guam on the 20th prior to the spring camp main team departing on the 1st of next month. There are also Han Dong-hee and Jung Hoon, who are already training in Guam. Although the club uses a training ground and lodging that the club has found out in advance, the players must pay for the related expenses according to the rules


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