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Among the 53 registered rookies in 2023, who will be named in the starting lineup for the opening game?… There has been no rookie starting pitcher for 28 years since Kang Sang-soo in 1994

The spring camps of each team preparing for the 2023 KBO League, scattered to Arizona, Guam, Okinawa, and Sydney, are heating up training by turning three turns. The Samsung Lions, who are having their spring camp in Okinawa, also played their first practice game against Nippon Ham, a Japanese professional baseball team. It’s like entering full-scale combat mode.

Although there is a saying that “rookies cannot be trusted yet,” the news of newcomers heard frequently in spring camp raises expectations for their performance this season. Although there was an unfortunate situation where Kim Seo-hyun, wearing an eagle uniform with a down payment of 500 million won, was punished by suspension of training for 3 days due to inappropriate SNS and bowed her head with a public apology… 카지노사이트

A total of 23 2023 newcomers accompanied to the first group spring camp. This is 21% of the 110 rookies who joined this year. SSG Landers and KT Wiz each have five players, while Samsung Lions have none.

In addition, in the 2023 player registration, 53 new players, 48% of all new players, account for 9% of all affiliated players.

Although the registration rate is close to 50%, it is a family honor to be listed as a registered player for the year as a rookie. This alone means that the value of being able to play an active part in the first team has been recognized.

Among the rookies who participated in the first team spring camp, Noh Kyung-eun (SSG) was expected to undergo gallbladder removal surgery just before the start of the spring camp, so all 22 players except for infielder Kim Gun-woong were registered for the first team.


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