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Assault on girlfriend → waiting for release → demoted minor status… Mets outfielder with a career twist

Outfielder Cary Lee (25), who is under investigation by the Major League Secretariat for assaulting his girlfriend, was demoted to the minor leagues after waiting for release. 

The Mets transferred Lee to Triple-A Syracuse on the 11th (hereafter Korean time). Previously, on the 7th, pitcher Sam Cunrod, brought from the Philadelphia Phillies for a waiver claim, was put on the 40-man roster, and Lee was designated for transfer (DFA), but there was no team he wanted during the waiver period. Eventually, he changed his status to a minor leaguer. 

It was a foreseen action. It was revealed earlier this month that Lee was charged with assaulting her ex-girlfriend. In a statement, the Mets said, “We immediately reported to the secretariat after becoming aware of Lee’s allegations. It will be in accordance with major league policy, and we cannot comment on it until the investigation process is over.”  토토사이트

Lee is accused of assaulting ex-girlfriend Kerrywin Hill during a verbal argument on May 8 last year. He pulled her hair and choked her, leaving several bruises on her body. The next day she went to Syracuse police and admitted to assaulting her, Lee was charged with a misdemeanor on August 11. 

This fact was revealed belatedly, and the secretariat entered into an investigation, and disciplinary actions will be taken as soon as the results come out. In August 2015, major league labor and management consulted on the Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, and Child Abuse Prevention Treaty. 


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