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“CEO Mitwillan praises scouting team for signing Cho Kyu-sung for €3 million after €8 million price tag

The debut of “flower boy” striker Jo Kyu-sung (24-Mitwillan) couldn’t have gone any better, and that’s something that pleased the Mittwillan chairman.

“I don’t even understand how they signed him,” Mittwylan CEO Klaus Steinlein told Danish broadcaster Viaplay on Sept. 22, the day after Cho scored the opening goal of Hvidovre’s 2023-2024 season against Danish side Feyenoord.

Cho, who started in the No. 10 role, scored in the 11th minute of the second half with a sensational header from Paulinho’s left cross in front of goal. It was reminiscent of his header against Ghana at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Cho Kyu-sung stood out as the opening day hero. Mitwillan saved the goal to secure a valuable three points.

“Our scouting department did a great job,” Steinlein said before the game. A year ago, at least half a year ago, the price tag for Cho Kyu-sung was €8 million (about $11.4 billion). He was asking for a high salary,” he said. “So I can say that our scouting department, led by Christian Kjer, did a very good job to get him for (20 million kroner, about 2.68 million euros). I’m proud of that.”

According to European transfer market sources, 안전놀이터 Cho was offered a €5 million ($7.1 billion) transfer fee by Midtjylland last month. Somehow, the fee dropped to around €3 million this month, and eventually an agreement was reached between the club and Jeonbuk. It was a “good deal” for Mittwillan.

CEO Steinlein said: “We are proud to have Cho Kyu-sung come to the MCH Arena (home stadium). We expect him to be a key player for Meatwillan. Of course, coming from a different culture, he will need more time to adjust.”

Cho will also make his debut in the Europa League second qualifying round first leg against Progress on Sunday.


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