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‘Come to Seoul’ singer Hwang Eui-jo cheers for Ki Sung-yueng, “respect any decision”

FC Seoul’s Ki Sung-yueng shows his support for Hwang Eui-jo.

Seoul defeated Suwon 1-0 in the 19th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The two teams played to a tight 0-0 tie midway through the second half. Neither team was able to capitalize on their scoring chances and the score remained tied. Then, in the 42nd minute, Willian beat two defenders and scored with a right-footed shot. Willian’s goal secured Seoul’s second Super Match of the season, ending a three-match winless streak.

After the game, Ki Sung-yueng said, “It’s a good time to win away from home again in a meaningful Super Match. We haven’t won recently, so it was good to get three points and continue our good run.”

“I didn’t train much during the break. It’s going to be hot, so I need to take care of my body. It’s a battle of how long you can stay focused. You have to be prepared not to overdo it.”

South Korea national soccer team captain Son Heung-min (Tottenham) recently received a huge offer from a Saudi club. After the match against El Salvador, Heung-min said, “Sung-yong said before that the Korean captain doesn’t go to China. I still have a lot of work to do as a Tottenham player,” and turned down oil money from the Middle East.

Ki Sung-yueng responded, “It’s in the past, so I don’t have any special thoughts, but I think Heung-min has his own philosophy. He’ll make his own decisions, and you have to respect that. I think Heung-min can do even better in the Premier League, so I hope he makes more records as a fan.”

Na Sang-ho and Lee Han-beom, who were with the senior national team and U-24 national team respectively, started the game and were substituted after the first half. Coach Ahn Ik-soo said after the game that there were physical challenges.

Ki Sung-yueng said, “Didn’t you go and play?” (Laughs) You can gain confidence by going to the national team, or you can lose it if you don’t play. In that regard, we both gained experience, but Hanbeom is in the process of growing up, so I think he did well just by not getting injured. He has a great future ahead of him, so we need to protect the team and ourselves and prepare for the future.”

For Hwang Ui-jo, who led Seoul’s attack on a six-month loan, the Super Match was his last game. “I haven’t decided exactly what my future is yet,” Hwang said, and Ahn and the fans are hoping he stays.

Ki Sung-yong, who helped Hwang Ui-jo join Seoul, said, “I fully respect his decision. He has worked harder than anyone else in the first half of the season and has played with integrity, and I am grateful for his example in life and training. I don’t know if she will stay on the team, but I will support her in her endeavors.”

“He’s getting older, so he’s going to have to think about it a lot. It’s not a common opportunity, so I’m sure he’ll make a decision he won’t regret. Also, 메이저사이트 the players who haven’t played so far have enough ability, so I’m expecting good things from them.”

Ki Sung-yueng concluded by saying, “The juniors must have learned a lot from watching him. When a player who plays for the national team is on the team, the juniors naturally look at what makes him special. I think the younger players learned that. I would like to see more representative players in Seoul.”

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