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Desperate Hanwha to leave the last place depends on the rebound of ace Kim Min-woo

With the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) being held in March, the Korean national team, which is aiming for the semifinals, is continuing to harden in Arizona, USA. When the 30 national team entries were announced in January, Hanwha Eagles was the only one out of 10 teams in the KBO League, and none were selected, making headlines. 

On February 6, major league infielder Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh), who was included in the 30-man roster, was withdrawn from the national team due to a history of surgery. The substitute was decided to be SSG Landers outfielder Choi Ji-hoon. In the end, Hanwha was unable to send a single player to the WBC national team. 

Among the 24 entries for the Tokyo Olympics baseball team held in 2021, pitcher Kim Min-woo from Hanwha was the only one on board. However, Kim Min-woo was not selected for the WBC national team this year. It’s because of the poor performance of last season.

Last year, Kim Min-woo recorded an average ERA of 6-11 and an ERA of 4.36 and an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.721. He collected 14 wins in 2021, reaching his first 10-win high and career high, but the win rate dropped to less than half in a year. This is because the detailed indicators have deteriorated compared to the average ERA of 4.00 and OPS of 0.678 in 2021. 

Last year’s KBO League had an average ERA of 4.06 and an average OPS of 0.712 due to the trend of pitching and scoring. Minwoo Kim’s ERA and OPS were both lower than the league average. If you evaluate it coldly, you can see that Kim Min-woo was a pitcher that fell short of the league average.

Kim Min-woo’s average speed of fastballs increased by 1.0 km/h from 140.4 km/h in 2021 to 141.4 km/h in 2022, but it was not enough to overwhelm opponent batters. 온라인카지노 On the other hand, the average walk per 9 innings was 4.64, so the ball was shaken. He has a forkball as his main weapon, but his restraint and control remain unsatisfactory. There was also an aspect where Kim Min-woo was unlucky. Kim Min-woo recorded 13 quality starts with 3 earned runs or less over 6 innings, ranking first in the team. Kim Min-woo was the only pitcher with a double-digit quality start in Hanwha. However, the score support of the Hanwha line-up was 3.53, which was the lowest among the 21 starting pitchers in the league. Even though Kim Min-woo pitched well, there was a game where the bullpen blew the victory. His colleagues could not support Kim Min-woo. 


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