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“Griezmann? I’m honored to be mentioned at all…” Sejingya’s Courier AS dominance in front of ‘Winkle’ ‘8th-year outsider Krieger’s talent’

Top K League striker Se Jing-ya (33-Daegu FC) showed off his majesty as a top K League striker in front of Antoine Griezmann (32).
Team K-League, the K-League All-Stars, won the first leg of the Coupang Play Series against Atlético Madrid 3-2 on Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, thanks to Lee Soon-min’s stoppage-time winner.

Team K-League fell behind 1-0 in the first half after a strong attack from Atletico. However, they bounced back in the second half with a fantastic header from Anton, a penalty kick (PK) goal from Palocevic, and back-to-back goals from Lee Soon-min.

Team K-League, who had just started playing together, lost the initiative to Atletico, who boasted a world-class organization. However, Hong Myung-bo’s introduction of Sejingya, Anton, Zeca, and Jerso in the second half changed the game.

Four minutes into the second half, an exquisite courier cross from Sejingya’s toes found Anton’s head and rattled the net. After realizing that her pass had led to a goal, Sejingya hugged Seol Young-woo and celebrated. After scoring the equalizer, Anton shyly performed the “control tower ceremony”.

Sejingya, who has been playing for Daegu for eight seasons since 2016, is one of the best strikers in the K League. He has 86 goals and 57 assists in his career with Daegu. He also topped the fan vote for the K League Team of the Year out of 44 candidates. This season, he continues to lead Daegu’s offense with six goals and four assists.
Speaking to MixedZone after the match, Sejingya said, “I’m happy to play in the Team K League and it was great to play against Atletico. “I’m happy to play for Team K-League and it was great to play against Atletico. I got an assist and I wanted a goal, but I think it wasn’t enough,” he said, adding that he was proud to have had such a good opportunity to show that Korean soccer and K-League players are good.”

Sejingya expressed his pride in the K League: “We know that Atletico is a good team and has many good players. “We showed them what K League football is all about in attack and defense,” he said, “and it was a game for me and the players to take a step forward. 꽁머니사이트

This was Sejingya’s third appearance for Team K League, after playing against Juventus in 2019 and Tottenham last year. He also scored a goal against Juventus. “I’m happy to play in back-to-back All-Star Games,” said Sejingya. I scored a goal in the last game, but it was nice to get an assist this time.” “All the players in the K League are very good. I think the fans had a good and fun time watching the game.”
At the pre-match press conference the day before, Sejingya said he was looking forward to facing off against world-class striker Antoine Griezmann. However, it didn’t happen as Griezmann was substituted after only playing the first half. When asked what it was like to watch Griezmann play, he said, “He’s such a good player that it’s an honor to even mention his name. It’s a shame because I wanted to get in there in the first half and hit him. He played in the World Cup, and he has great skills, including tempo. It was good to learn these things.”

Sejingya will now return to his club Daegu. They begin the second half of the season on August 5 against leaders Ulsan Hyundai. Currently


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