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‘Group with Bahrain-Thailand-Kuwait’ Coach Hwang Sun-hong “Aiming for first place”

“We will play the group stage with the goal of finishing first.”

Hwang Sun-hong said this through the Korea Football Association shortly after the group draw ceremony for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, on July 27 (KST). Hwang, who has repeatedly stated his goal of winning the gold medal, is determined to get off to a good start in the group stage.

Hwang and the Hangzhou men’s national soccer team have accepted an easy draw, being placed in Group E alongside Bahrain, Thailand, and Kuwait, and avoiding their toughest opponents in Ports 2 and 3, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

“We need to get to know our opponents from now on, but the countries we face in the group are all at a similar level,” said Hwang, who offered a brief commentary on the grouping, adding, “We will aim to finish in first place because it will give us an advantage in the tournament.”

When asked about favorites and countries to watch out for, Hwang said, “Japan and Uzbekistan are strong. In the Middle East, there is Saudi Arabia.” “I think we will probably compete for the title with those countries. We will focus on preparing for every match.”

Finally, Hwang said, “The first thing is to analyze the strength of the countries we have to meet. All the countries are competitive. We need to prepare well,” he said, adding, “We are planning a short training session in August and a full team meeting in September.” 메이저사이트

Meanwhile, the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games will feature a total of 23 nations divided into six groups. Only Group D has three nations in it, while the other five groups (A-B-C-E-F) have four nations each. The top 12 finishers from each group plus the top four finishers from each group will compete in the tournament to determine the 16-nation championship.

The tournament was originally scheduled to be played by players under 23 years of age (U-23), but was postponed for one year due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and moved up to 24 years of age (U-24). As in previous years, there are three wild cards that can be drawn from the final roster of 22 players regardless of age.


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