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Guardian’s advice “Son Heung-min needs to prove his qualifications for a big match again”

British ‘Guardian’ shed light on Son Heung-min ahead of the ‘North London Derby’.

Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal will face off in the 20th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 1:30 am (Korean time) on the 16th. Currently, Tottenham is 5th with 33 points and Arsenal are 1st with 44 points.

Both teams are armed with desperation. Tottenham aims to recapture the TOP4 given to Manchester United (4th place, 35 points). Arsenal set out to consolidate the lead by beating Manchester City (2nd place, 39 points). In a situation 온라인카지노. where three points were desperately needed, the ‘North London Derby’ was concluded.

Good news for Tottenham. Dejan Kulusevski, who left due to injury after the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, returned to the training ground. England’s ‘Football London’ said, “Tottenham will do their best to ensure that Kulusevski can compete in the North London derby.”

Antonio Conte, along with Kulusevski, is expected to launch the ‘SKK Line’ by sortie Harry Kane and Son Heung-min. Expectations were also focused on Son Heung-min, who shook the net after a long time against Crystal Palace, along with Kane, who has recently boasted sharp decisions.

With the kick-off approaching, ‘Guardian’ shed light on Son Heung-min. The media said, “All eyes will be on Kane,” with the subheading “Son Heung-min must prove his qualifications for the big match again.” If he scores two goals against Arsenal, he can surpass Jimmy Greaves and become Tottenham’s all-time top scorer. The derby is equally important to Son Heung-min.”

“Son Heung-min won the EPL Golden Boot (scorer) last season, but only scored 4 goals this season. After an expedition to Marseille in November last year, he wore a mask, and opinions were raised among his colleagues that he had not fully recovered. Yes. It would be great if Son Heung-min stood at the center of the stage again,” he said, expressing his anticipation.

Son Heung-min is armed with confidence. He scored 9 offensive points (4 goals and 5 assists) in 15 career North London Derby matches played in the league. Son Heung-min will lead Tottenham, who are in an urgent need of a rebound, and aim at Arsenal’s goal.


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