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“His footwork was impressive…pity about the injury” PSG fans are enamored with Lee Kang-in

‘Genius’ Lee Kang-In, 22, was injured in his Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) debut but showed plenty of promise.

Kylian Mbappe scored a brace to give PSG a 2-0 victory in a preseason friendly against Le Havre at Campus PSG in Paris, France, at 0:00 a.m. ET today. Le Havre were promoted to Ligue 1 after winning the French Ligue 2 title last season. However, they were a far cry from Ligue 1 champions PSG.

PSG started Lee in a three-man defense alongside Ismael Garvey and Marco Asensio. Lee joined his teammates on the right side of the back three. Wearing the No. 19 shirt, Lee was active in the midfield, pressing forward. After winning the ball in the midfield, Lee was seen protecting and passing the ball with brilliant individual skill, while also using his wide vision to deliver kill passes to his teammates.

In Mallorca, Lee was responsible for taking the team’s corners and free kicks. At PSG, without Messi, Lee was the main kicker for corners and free kicks. Overall, Lee received a passing grade for his technique and fitness.

But then something happened. In the 42nd minute of the first half, Lee grabbed his right thigh and complained of pain. He was eventually diagnosed by the coaching staff midway through the game with a hamstring problem and was substituted in the 43rd minute.

After the match, ‘PSG Talk’ commented, “Korean player Lee Kang-in impressed in his first match for PSG, especially his impressive footwork in keeping the ball alive and taking the ball away from the opponent. He was also smooth in leading the team’s counterattacks.” He praised Lee.

On the day, Enrique gave as many players as possible a chance to play and check out new faces. Despite being injured, Lee Kang-in’s wide vision, sharp passes, and accurate kicks were enough to catch Enrique’s attention. 먹튀검증

‘PSGTalk’ said: “However, Lee Kang-in was substituted in the last minute of the first half due to injury, which is a concern. It’s not yet clear whether his hamstring problem is serious or minor. Many fans will be hoping that he recovers for the Asia Tour. “He’s going to be the star of the show when PSG travel to South Korea,” he said, adding that he hopes the injury is not serious.

With Messi heading to the American Premier League, Lee has shown enough promise in preseason to be the next playmaker to fill Messi’s void.


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