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Hwang Ui-jo, who did not forget his family team… “I hope to return to Seongnam someday”

Hwang Eui-jo, who returned to the K-League on loan from FC Seoul, visited Seongnam FC, his former team, and greeted the fans.

On the 5th, Hwang Eui-jo officially confirmed the lease in Seoul. He left on a short five-month loan at Nottingham Forest in the Premier League.

Hwang Eui-jo, who played for Seongnam from 2013 to 2017, returned to the K-League after about six years after going through Gamba Osaka, Girondins Bordeaux, and Olympiacos.

Hwang Eui-jo visited Seongnam, his former team, and greeted Seongnam fans.

Hwang Ui-jo, who greeted Hwang Ui-jo first, said, “I didn’t expect to greet you in this way, but I feel strange.” “I was going to FC Seoul for a while. He said that he would definitely come back to Seongnam later. Now, due to circumstances, I went to a team called Seoul for a while, but it still seemed right to say hello to Seongnam fans first.”

He continued, “I always seem to have always supported and looked for Seongnam while playing soccer in Europe. 바카라사이트 There was always a team called Seongnam in a corner of my heart, and I came here because I wanted to say something to the fans,” he said without forgetting Seongnam.

“I can’t guarantee it, but I’m saying hello, hoping that one day I will return to Seongnam and play for Seongnam again, just as I did when we were together and played in Seongnam,” he said. I am rooting for Seongnam hard in my heart,” he said, expressing his intention to return to Seongnam.

I also looked back at my memories in Seongnam.

Hwang Eui-jo said, “Every moment was new. The moment I started with the youth team, debuted as a pro, lifted the championship cup, advanced to the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) Champions League, such moments, the moments of advancing to the round of 16, such moments. I think all of them were memorable,” he said. “All the games and all the goals I played in Seongnam were very precious memories to me to the extent that I still remember them vividly.”

Lastly, I did not forget to cheer.

Hwang Eui-jo said, “The manager has changed, and the new season is in K League 2, but all the players, coaching staff, team members, and all the fans who support Seongnam will know very well. Where Seongnam should play. , I think you know exactly where you need to be,” he said.

He cheered, saying, “I hope to achieve really good results this season, and I am always cheering for Seongnam and looking forward to rising to a good position.”


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