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“I might be” but a shaking position? but… “Never give up” Unchanging sense of mission

The Hanwha Eagles recorded 77 wins and 67 losses with a win rate of 0.535 in the 2018 season, finishing third in the regular season and succeeding in stepping on the postseason stage. However, after staying in 9th place in the 2019 season, he had a shocking season in 10th place in the 2020 season. In response, Hanwha made a bold decision to search for a leader overseas, not domestically, and gave the baton to manager Carlos Subero.

The biggest reason for appointing coach Subero as the new head coach was to entrust the nurturing of young prospects and the rebuilding of the team rather than immediate results. Of course, there was also an expectation that he would achieve better results as the season went on. However, Hanwha had a 2021 season of 49 wins, 12 draws and 83 losses with an odds ratio of 0.371, and a 2022 season of 46 wins, 2 draws and 96 losses with an odds ratio of 0.324.

As a result, the club stepped forward directly this time in a situation where the performance declined as the years went by. Hanwha, who had been passive in the FA (free agent) market, jumped into the ‘War of Money’ after the 2022 season ended. Hanwha also loaded bullets to recruit Yang Eui-ji, who was called the ‘largest fish’ at the time.

Of course, Hanwha did not have a good will. What is clear, however, is that significant improvements have been achieved. Hanwha recruited Chae Eun-seong for 9 billion won in 6 years, Lee Tae-yang for 2.5 billion won in 4 years, and Oh Seon-jin for 400 million won in 1+1 years. In addition, after the start of the spring camp, he even collected No Su-kwang through sign-and-trade.

However, Hanwha is still on a disappointing road this season. As of the end of the game on the 3rd, Hanwha is at the bottom of the league with 7 wins, 1 draw and 18 losses with a win rate of 0.280. The mound isn’t too bad, but the stagnation in the batting line is so serious. Team batting average (0.221) and scoring position batting average (0.197) ranked 10th in the league. Foreign hitter Brian O’Grady, who should be a source of strength, has no promise after going down to the second team.

Prior to the game on the 3rd, coach Subero said, ‘No matter how great the process is, you have to produce results. Various attempts and processes are important, but because it is a professional team, it has to produce results, but it is not. He raised his voice when asked by reporters, “If we continue like this, can we not finish last?” 안전놀이터

The trend at the beginning of the season where he has not been able to escape from last place for three consecutive years since he took office as the command tower. However, when looking at the contents of the game, it is clear that there are elements that have improved. Coach Subero cited the Pittsburgh Pirates as an example, which struggled every season at the bottom of the Central Division of the National League, but rose to first place this year.

Coach Subero said, “No matter which team you pick in the major leagues, that team’s goal is to win a lot. For example, Pittsburgh had a season with 100 losses and a team that finished last in the district. It’s causing a sensation,” he said, opening the door and saying, “You shouldn’t be positive when people live. You have to face reality and live realistically.”


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