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‘Jeju’ Yeon Je-woon “Adaptation is 70%, I want to grow more as a strong team”

Jeju United defender Yeon Je-woon (28) set a bigger goal at the same time as the transfer.

Yeon Je-woon moved to Jeju United after the 2022 season. He stepped on the professional stage at Seongnam FC in 2016 and, except for the period he played for the Armed Forces Athletic Corps (Sangmu), has been active as the team’s signature defender all the time, and he wears a new uniform after 7 years.

Excitement and regret coexist. 메이저놀이터 This is because Seongnam, where he played, was relegated to K-League 2. On the 13th, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the midst of field training, he met with this magazine and said, “I feel bad to leave the team in a situation where Seongnam was relegated.” I am very excited and looking forward to it.”

He is slowly integrating into the team. Yeon Je-woon, who said, “The atmosphere is good,” reunited with Jeju director Ki-il Nam after three years. The two met in Seongnam in the 2018-2019 season. When leading Seongnam’s promotion to the first division in 2018, coach Nam appointed Yeon Je-woon as a key defender and even took on the role of vice-captain.

Yeon Je-woon said, “I know the football style the coach wants. When I was in Seongnam, it was difficult to adapt at first, but I learned and grew a lot during the two years I was with you. In the end, the director also acknowledged it. I have good memories,” he said.

Awkward yet familiar. Yeon Je-woon said, “(The coach) pushed hard back then, but now he seems to be trying to communicate a lot with the players. He is trying to instill confidence in young players by praising them rather than pointing them out.”

At the same time as the transfer, I set a big goal. Yeon Je-woon said, “I’ve been trying hard not to get demoted, but it’s different now. He came to a strong team and aimed for the Asian Champions League (ACL). It’s the first time, so it’s burdensome, but I hope that this time, of course, the team will grow together.”

He said, “I think I have melted into the current team by about 70%. My goal is to prepare tactically and stand in front of the fans before the start of the season, and I couldn’t play many games in Sangmu due to an injury, but I want to manage well this year and play as many games as possible.”


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