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Jeonnam, Jeonbuk-Daejeon Recruit Lee Jun-ho and Noh Gun-woo… Strengthen Attack

Jeonnam Dragons strengthened their offense by recruiting two new players.

On the 3rd, Jeonnam announced, “Jeonbuk Lee was hired on loan from Jeonbuk, and striker Noh Kun-woo was traded for Jung Woo-bin in Daejeon.” 

Lee Jun-ho, who is 188 cm 86 kg and has a strong physique, joined Jeonbuk in 2022 and played 5 games. Lee Jun-ho, who is good at fighting inside the penalty box, has dynamic movements to create goal chances. Jeonnam immediately hired Lee Jun-ho, who had been active in Jeonbuk B, for a sense of power. 

Noh Gun-woo, who is 170 cm 64 kg and has fast speed, made his professional debut by joining Daejeon in 2022 after graduating from Yongin University. Noh Gun-woo, who has a good off-the-ball ability to create space between his side and midfield, is expected to energize Jeonnam’s offensive work. 

Lee Jun-ho, who came to Jeonnam, said, “I am very happy to come to Jeonnam, which I have always felt close to. 메이저놀이터 What I aimed for when I came to Jeonnam was a double-digit attack point, and I will do my best on the pitch to help Jeonnam promote.” 

Noh Gun-woo, who joined Jeonnam, said, “Since I was young, the team that comes to mind when I think of soccer teams is Jeonnam. I am very honored to be able to come to such a team. I will show my value on the pitch and will be promoted so that I can grow together. I will try,” he said confidently. 

Jeonnam will challenge Gyeongnam for the first time in the second round of the K-League 2 2023 held at the Gwangyang Soccer Stadium on March 5 at 4:00 pm.


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