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Jung Tae-wook, who returns as an enemy, “I’ve grown this much thanks to the sky-blue fairy tale”

Jeong Tae-wook is smoothly adapting to his new team, Jeonbuk Hyundai. Substituted in the 26th minute of the second half in the first round and replaced at the start of the second half in the second round, he started with Hong Jeong-ho in the third round in Gwangju, leading the team to a goalless and first win. In particular, he overpowered Gwangju’s attack attempt in the second half of the aerial competition. As a result, he was selected in the best 11 of his first round as a member of Jeonbuk.

Now waiting for Jeong Tae-wook is the first big expedition in his life. Jeong Tae-wook, who wore a Daegu uniform in 2019, is a player who only played home games after Daepak (DGB Daegu Bank Park) was born. His Daegu expedition itself was played during his time at Jeju United, but going to Daepak is his first experience wearing a green uniform. Jeong Tae-wook said, “Thanks to Daegu, I was able to come to Jeonbuk because I have grown this much. I came without being able to properly greet the Daegu fans. I want to do my best during the game and thank the fans who are like my family after the game.” 

The following is an interview with Jeong Tae-wook, who shared his adjustments after entering Jeonbuk, stories of games including his debut match, and gratitude for his former team, Daegu. 

– After the transfer was concluded in mid-January, he joined Jeonbuk’s training camp in Spain. I wonder if I had a hard time adapting in many ways. 
Since I joined later than the other players, I was worried about adapting. It was fortunate that there were many friends in the national team for each age group. There were no physical problems after I came in after completing winter training in Daegu. The part where the team quickly caught what they wanted was a bit difficult. First of all, in the case of Jeonbuk, since training was conducted as if it were a real battle, I kept thinking that I had to follow that tempo quickly while watching my teammates. Since it is a team with a lot of ball possession, I had to prepare a lot for playing and thinking about that part. The director also gave me a lot of advice on how to pay attention to that part. 안전놀이터

– Jeonbuk and Daegu have different soccer styles, and there will be difficulties due to the contrasting situation during the game.
It’s different rather than difficult, but I think it’s the right expression. In the case of Daegu, if it is a team that seeks to counterattack by securing numbers from the back, inducing mistakes by the opponent, Jeonbuk is in a position to defend against that counterattack. That’s why there are many situations where numbers are low when defending. We need to consider positioning well so that we can reliably cut off the opponent’s counterattack, and then create a situation where we can attack usefully from our point of view. There is another added difficulty in Jeonbuk, but since the opposing team is more reckless, there is no time to breathe as a blocker. It is a series of situations that must be overcome one by one. 


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