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“It’s good to win, but…” (Cho Dong-hyun, Hyundai Mobis coach)
“This season’s worst game” (Jeon Chang-jin, KCC coach)

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis played in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular league held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 20th. They defeated Jeonju KCC 66-64. With 18 wins and 14 losses, he again climbed to third place alone. However, it is half a game behind Seoul SK (17-14), which is in fourth place.

Hyundai Mobis ran regardless of whether or not they lost a point. After the defense, he played in the KCC camp before KCC. Even in set offenses, he moved a lot regardless of whether he had the ball or not. The results weren’t great, but the process wasn’t bad.

However, Hyundai Mobis’ 1st quarter field goal success rate (2 points: 5/11, 3 points: 0/4) fell too low. The reason why Hyundai Mobis couldn’t go out. Nevertheless, Hyundai Mobis pushed ahead with speed. I thought a fast attack was the most obvious option.

After continuing to push, the third quarter started at 35-30. Hyundai Mobis’ strategy did not change even in the third quarter. After defending, he aimed 먹튀검증 for an easy goal with a quick pass. Hyundai Mobis’ strategy worked in the third quarter, and Hyundai Mobis finished the third quarter with a score of 52-47.

There was regret. It was because the third quarter ended with ‘buzzer beater allowed’. Also, he missed all of his first four shots (2: 2, 3: 2) in the fourth quarter. However, he bounced back with a quick attack from the middle of the 4th quarter. He allowed a chase late in the fourth quarter, but didn’t take the loss.

Hyundai Mobis coach Cho Dong-hyun said after the game, “It feels good to win. However, he finished an easily winnable game in a close match. It’s annoying that games like this keep coming out. I hope the players focus a little more.”

After that, “During the All-Star break, I emphasized the fast attack again to the players. I want to praise you. You have to keep taking what you did well. However, the bad plays keep staying in my memory,” he said.


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