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KGC Ginseng Corporation manager Kim Sang-sik, “Thank you for focusing and not giving up”… Jeon Hee-cheol, SK coach, “I feel sorry for the players”

KGC Ginseng Corporation achieved the long-awaited V4.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won 100-97 against Seoul SK in the 7th game of the SKT A-Dot professional basketball championship match held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 7th. With the victory on this day, KGC Ginseng Corporation swept all of the ‘Wire to Wire’ regular league championships, EASL (East Asia Super League) championships, and championship finals.

The match on this day was fierce from the first quarter, befitting the championship match held for the first time in 14 years. KGC Ginseng Corporation led the attack with Omari Spellman (206cm, F), Oh Se-geun (200cm, C), and Byun Jun-hyung (186cm, G) scoring in the right place. In SK, Kim Seon-hyung (187cm, G) showed explosive attacking instincts inside and outside, driving KGC Ginseng Corporation persistently.

Until the end of the 4th quarter, the lead change was repeated, and the score was 91-91. In the end, the title of champion flowed into overtime. In the extension, KGC Ginseng Corporation took the lead as Bae Byung-jun and Oh Se-geun scored and rebounded at critical moments, and overcame SK’s fierce pursuit, winning the second overall championship and writing the history of V4.

On this day, Spellman scored 34 points and rebounded, Oh Se-geun 20 points and 13 rebounds, and Byun Jun-hyung 16 points and 6 assists to perfectly win the championship.

After participating in the award ceremony, director Kim Sang-sik responded to the reporters’ interview with a thrilled expression on his face.

Director Kim said, “I am thrilled today. It must have been difficult for the players, but I am grateful that they focused and did not give up. After finishing, I shed a lot of tears. I shed a lot of tears for the first time in a long time. Today, I talked a lot with the coaching staff. Replaced sooner rather than watched. Every player who went out (in the game) did their part, and I was able to win with fighting spirit and concentration.”

Coach Kim is the first in his life to win a combined championship in the pros throughout his leadership career. Director Kim said, “I had a lot of worries and a lot of heartache. At Media Day, when Jeon Seong-hyeon and coach Kim Seung-gi left, I felt bad as they were rated mid-level. The main players went out, but they asked to go out with praise rather than reprimand. In the first round, he lost once after winning four in a row, and his confidence increased as he won consecutively after that. I talked to the players and infused them a lot. He overcame it by changing tactically,” he said, showing confidence in the players.

Coach Kim also gave credit to coach Seung-tae Choi and coach Seong-min Cho, who assisted him during the season. “It was really helpful,” said Kim. He told me to tell him right away if my basketball was wrong and not hesitate to talk about things like today. I tried to listen if it was special. I listen to what the coaches say rather than what I do. Discussed with the coaches. Coach Seung-tae Choi and coach Seong-min Cho were able to help us win,” stressing the roles of the two coaches. 온라인카지노

Regarding the feeling of fighting in the 7th game, coach Kim said, “I kept winning, but as I came to the 7th game, I thought the coaches were really great. It’s physically and mentally tough. He felt that being a manager was not an easy job. His season is over and he wants to rest. He did not show signs of being tired from the players, but he had a great desire to rest after going to Japan in the middle of the interview,” he concluded the interview. 


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