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“Kim Min-jae is a monumental figure in Naples.. The match against Lazio is a hiccup”

Praise for Kim Min-jae (27, SSC Napoli) continues.

According to Italy’s ‘Il Naples Online’ on the 10th (Korean time), defender-turned-expert Sandro Porcia (46) appeared on radio ‘CRC’s ‘Si Gonfia la Rete’ and mentioned Kim Min-jae during the evaluation of Naples this season, raising interest. collected 

Porkia emphasized, “After saying goodbye to Kalidou Koulibaly (32, Chelsea), finding a player with exceptional talent like Kim Min-jae was a turning point,” and “Kim Min-jae is a monumental figure.”

Napoli sent Koulibaly, one of the best defenders in the world, to Chelsea and chose Kim Min-jae, who played for Fenerbahce (Turkiye), as a replacement. However, there was little expectation for Kim Min-jae. This is because he was almost unknown as he was active in the periphery of Asia and Turkey. 

However, after playing 25 rounds of Serie A, Kim Min-jae’s status has become one of the best defenders in Europe. He has been reborn as an irreplaceable defender as Napoli’s key defender, who is recording the fewest goals conceded (16) in the league. Amid Kim Min-jae’s performance, Napoli amassed 65 points (21 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses) and is beating 2nd place Inter Milan (50 points) by 15 points. In fact, the Serie A title has been confirmed.  mma 토토

Kim Min-jae is becoming a recruiting target for Manchester United (Man United), Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), and Real Madrid amid steady performance in every game. In particular, according to Fabrizio Romano, a specialist in European transfers, Man Utd dispatched scouts to Napoli’s 2022-23 Serie A round 25 home game against Lazio on the 4th to closely observe Kim Min-jae’s movements. 

Regarding Napoli’s 0-1 defeat to Maurizio Sarri’s Lazio, Porchia emphasized: “Sarri did an important job at Napoli’s home ground. But Napoli’s defeat is just a hiccup. The championship is already decided.”


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