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“KIM ransom price tripled” 86.4 billion won → Old Trafford possible… ‘Protect Osimen’ policy

With the confirmation of Napoli’s league championship, rumors of Kim Min-jae’s transfer to the “Naples Iron Pillar” are pouring like a flood in the Italian, British and other European media as if they had waited.

On the 7th (Korean time), the British daily Metro quoted the Italian media Corriere dello Sport, saying, “Man United is interested in signing Napoli center back Kim Min-jae this summer, and Napoli is also interested in signing Kim Min-jae for 60 million euros (approximately 86.4 billion won, 53 million pounds). I am thinking of selling it.”

Kim Min-jae wore a Napoli uniform for just 18 million euros (about 26.2 billion won) in Fenerbahce, Turkey last summer, and he adapted to the storm. Not only solid defense, but also brilliant performances in the attack build-up, completely erased the shadow of Koulibaly, who transferred to Chelsea, and led the Naples league championship in 33 years.

Thanks to his performance in Naples, his ransom has more than tripled in less than a year. Corriere dello Sport said, ‘Napoli is well aware of Manchester United’s interest and is likely to accept a large offer, so Old Trafford is likely to become Kim Min-jae’s new nest if Manchester United offers 53 million pounds (approximately 86.4 billion won). is high,’ he reported. 토토사이트 While it is known that Menyu is weighing the recruitment of ‘Napoli goalkeeper’ Viktor Osimen with Harry Kane, the media reported that ‘Napoli wants to capture strikers like Osimen and Hvarachkelia, so if they sell Kim Min-jae, they will be in favor of star strikers. It can help block interest in ‘.

With a 1-1 draw against Udinese, the ransom of Napoli’s star players, who enjoyed the thrill of winning Serie A for the first time in 33 years, is skyrocketing. The best players by position are rapidly emerging as the top recruiting targets for big clubs in the European big leagues. In particular, Osimen, who scored 27 goals this season, including 22 in Serie A, was linked to Manchester United, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid at the same time. 26-year-old Italian goalkeeper Alex Meret is also rumored to be signing for Tottenham, who is looking for a replacement for Hugo Lloris.


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