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Former national team player Lee Dong-guk (44) has been appointed as vice president of the Korea Football Association.

On the 18th, the Korea Football Association held a general meeting of the board of directors and delegates at the Soccer Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and approved some executive appointments. According to the resolution of the general meeting of delegates, former national team player Lee Dong-guk (44), Jo Byung-deuk (65), chairman of the Football Love Sharing Foundation, and Lee Seok-jae (65), president of the Gyeonggi Football Association, were newly appointed as vice presidents of the Korea Football Association.

Existing Vice Chairman Lee Yong-soo and Kim Byeong-ji resigned. With this, the Korea Football Association’s vice presidents are Kim Ki-hong, Choi Young-il, Lee Young-pyo, and Hong Eun-ah, followed by Lee Dong-guk, Cho Byeong-deuk, and Lee Seok-jae.

At the general meeting, it was also decided to appoint replacements for some subcommittee chairs. Jung Hae-seong (65), former national team coach, was appointed as the competition subcommittee, Lee Im-saeng (52), former Suwon Samsung coach, as the technology development chairperson, Kim Dong-jin (50), former international referee, as the referee chair, and Cho Won-hee (40), former national player, as the social contribution chairperson. newly appointed

The appointment of Michael Müller (58), who was announced in early January, was also confirmed. Jeong Jae-kwon (53), head coach of Hanyang University, was added to the board of directors. In addition, Son Ho-young (58), the head of the Gyeongbuk Football Association, was newly elected as an administrative audit. The term of office for the newly appointed vice president, director, and auditor is two years until December 2024. 바카라

Meanwhile, at the meeting, starting this year, it was decided to introduce a low-age player training system that includes at least three players under the age of 21 among 18 entries per team in the K3 and K4 leagues, and at least one must start.

Teams not adhering to this rule will be subject to restrictions on the number of substitutions. In addition, it was decided to change the elementary school game to a one-judge system in which only one referee is put in from the existing two referees.


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