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Manager Klinsman set as the goal of winning the Asian Cup… Kim Young-kwon, “I am confident enough”

Kim Young-gwon (33, Ulsan Hyundai) showed his confidence that coach Jurgen Klinsmann (58, Germany) set the goal of winning the Asian Cup in Qatar next year, saying that it was possible. .

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Klinsman, is set to play two consecutive matches in March, with Colombia on the 24th (Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium) and Uruguay on the 28th (Seoul World Cup Stadium). Prior to this, they gathered at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) at 2:00 pm on the 20th and began to harden in earnest.

This convocation is the debut match of coach Klinsman, who was newly appointed at the end of last month, and since it is an A match that will be held in about three months after the 2022 Qatar World Cup ended, a lot of interest and attention from fans and the football world is being focused.

Excluding some European players such as Son Heung-min (30, Tottenham Hotspur), who was delayed due to his team’s schedule, 19 players gathered at the Paju NFC and began training in earnest at 4:00 pm. As most of the players completed their schedules on the weekend, it is expected that they will focus on physical condition and physical recovery training rather than intense training on this day.

Standing in front of the reporters ahead of training, Kim Young-kwon said, “Coach Klinsman was very famous as a player, and the players are looking forward to it because he has a lot of experience in other countries’ national teams. I joined with such anticipation of what kind of football he will show in the future.” 메이저사이트

At the inaugural press conference, head coach Klinsman set forth his goal of winning the Asian Cup, which will be held in Qatar next year. He also expressed his unstoppable ambition to challenge to advance to the semifinals of the 2026 North and Central America (Mexico, USA, Canada) World Cup.

Regarding this, Kim Young-kwon said, “I showed potential at the Qatar World Cup. I am confident that I can win the Asian Cup. Players have to believe in the coach’s goals and thoughts. Then I don’t think it’s a goal that can’t be achieved. I think I can do it, so I will prepare well.”

Coach Klinsman also promised to show attacking football, saying, “If we concede 3 goals, we will win by scoring 4 goals.” Defender Kim Young-kwon said, “I think it would be best if I scored 4 goals without conceding. Because 4-0 is better than 4-3, I will do my best as a defender.”


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