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MLB edited the video of the Oakland fan protest and then quietly restored it

Oakland fans, angry at the Athletics club’s attempt to relocate the ointment, hung a protest at the home stadium, but the Major League Secretariat edited it and then quietly returned it.

Local media such as ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 30th (Korean time) that the Major League Secretariat had deleted the hooks hung by fans in the highlight video of the Cincinnati Reds and Oakland Athletics match held the day before.

This game was the first home game played since the Athletics officially acknowledged the purchase of a new stadium site in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When the club announced a de facto relocation, angry Auckland fans protested inside and outside the stadium from before the game. In the right outfield, slogans such as “Sell the club,” “Cabal (Dave Cabal club president) is a liar,” “Fisher (owner John Fisher) out,” and “Stay” were hung.

And the Major League Secretariat later erased this banner from the game highlight video.

The Athletic said that the MLB officials edited these pieces even though they did not violate park policy at all, such as size, location, or content.

When a report related to this came out, the Major League Secretariat secretly replaced it with the original video.

Through a spokesperson, they said, “We were not aware that the video had been edited. If we are aware of this situation, we are correcting it because it is not in line with our policy.”

For the time being, the Athletics are expected to play in front of the wrath of Oakland fans. This is because the Athletics aims to complete the move to Las Vegas by 2027. I have to stay in Auckland for at least 4 years from now. 메이저놀이터

The home game against Cincinnati on the 29th attracted 6,423 spectators, which is the level of a tolerable Triple A spectator. Currently, the total attendance for home games is 138,731, which is the lowest in the American League.

Sexuality is also at rock bottom. He is 5-22 with 106 points and 223 runs allowed. If this pace is maintained, it will be recorded as the worst team in the modern baseball era.


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