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“National legend” Kim Byeong-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun “I want to be a force for the development of children”

Korean men’s basketball legends Kim Byeong-cheol (50) and Kim Seung-hyun (45) teamed up for youth.

Kim Byeong-cheol graduated from Korea University in 1996 and debuted in the first year of the 1997 season as a professional player and played an active role as a franchise star for Orion (currently Carrot), which had never changed teams. He served as both a coach and acting manager at Orion. Kim Seung-hyun, who was the best guard in the 2000s, commanded the court with dazzling dribbling, out-of-the-box passes, and excellent reading. In his professional debut year, he won Rookie of the Year and MVP at the same time. Kim Byeong-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun also led the team’s combined championship in the 2001-2002 season.

The legend of the national team, who dominated an era, attended the ‘Beat the National Team’ event held at the Sejong Government Complex Gymnasium on the 22nd and directly instructed the youth. Kim Seung-hyun passed on dribbling know-how to young players. He also helped former shooter Kim Byeong-cheol catch the shooting form.

Kim Seung-hyeon and Kim Byung-cheol, who had a shooting match with the participants, teamed up with one youth in the 3-on-3 game that continued in the afternoon and even digested the actual game. The famous scenes that could be seen during active duty were also reenacted. Receiving a pass from Kim Seung-hyun, Kim Byung-cheol fired a 3-point shot. Then, a shout of ‘wow’ erupted from the audience. Applause continued for Kim Byung-chul and Kim Seung-hyun, who played with sincerity despite their age. 메이저놀이터

Kim Byeong-cheol said, “I felt the sincerity of young children who play basketball. It’s a short time, but I naturally want to tell you one more thing,” he said. “Basketball is important. It is important to learn the basics well from an early age,” he stressed.

Kim Seung-hyun said, “It was hard for my body to play basketball with young players, but it was fun.” “I remembered when I was young. I wanted to have fun playing basketball. (Kim) Byeong-cheol hyung and I want to be of some help to the development of children and youth basketball.”

Meanwhile, Kim Byung-cheol and Kim Seung-hyun are planning to give youth lessons through the ‘National Basketball Youth Club’ at the Sejong Government Complex Gymnasium from May 1st.


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