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Krafton’s mobile battle royale ‘NEW STATE MOBILE’ has been updated in April.

The main contents of this update are ▲ Addition of ‘Ace League’ ▲ Erangel update ▲ Siege mode reopening ▲ iOS optimization improvement ▲ Friend invitation event ▲ Reveal of Survivor Pass Vol.18.

The Ace League is content that competes according to Battle Royale rules and starts in the second half of each season. The first qualifying round will be held from May 13th to 19th, and the main round will be held from May 20th to 21st. To participate in the preliminaries, you must have a tier score of 3,000 or more (Diamond V). Ace League is played in 3rd person squad mode. 토토사이트 A dedicated magnetic field balance is applied and the play map changes daily. The Ace League provides higher basic rewards than regular Battle Royale, including Chicken Medals, BP, EXP, and Honor Coins. The user who ranks first in the finals will be awarded the title of Ace League championship along with a reward.

Updates were also made to the maps and modes. The ‘Avanpost’ area of ​​the ‘Erangel’ map, which can only be found on New State Mobile, has been transformed from an existing construction site to a new building, enabling users who enjoy early engagements to experience more dynamic play. Instead of the existing ‘Electron’ vehicle, the Erangel map will feature a futuristic two-seater supercar ‘Nova’ and an electric motorcycle ‘Lightning’.


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