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Player assault → ‘Heavy disciplinary crisis’ Valverde… Reporter’s wife also mobilized “Who will pay for our wounds?”

While Federico Valverde was at the center of controversy for assaulting a player, his wife also spoke out about the incident. 

News that Real Madrid midfielder Valverde assaulted opposing team midfielder Alex Baena after the match between Real and Villarreal in the 28th round of La Liga in the 2022/23 season held on the 9th (Korean time) was reported through local Spanish media. 

A number of media outlets said that ” Valverde waited for Baena after the match and then struck him in the face while talking , ” and that he would be investigated by the police in this case . 

Regarding the reason for the assault, he explained, “There is a possibility of miscarriage for Valverde’s wife, who is currently pregnant with their second son, but Baena angered Valverde by saying during the game, ‘Your son will not be born. If you are going to cry, cry now’.” . 

When the content of what he said became controversial, Baena immediately denied on social media that the content was not true and that he did not make such a statement. 

Due to Baena’s denial, the whole story of the incident fell into a mystery, and Valverde, who committed the assault, is known to be subject to disciplinary action such as suspension in the future. Some say that the matter is serious, and even a six-month suspension is being discussed. 토토사이트

In the midst of this, Valverde’s wife, Mina Bonino, an Argentinian journalist, posted an article containing her feelings, drawing much attention. 

Bonino posted on his social media on the 11th, “There is a God who watches over everything. We are calm, but we will not have peace of mind until the child is born, and because of this, we will not be able to heal our wounds.” He expressed the expected emotions of having encountered what he had done. 

“There is a line that should not be crossed, and not everything can be done even in football,” he said, pointing out that Baena’s actions crossed the line. 


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