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PSG throw away Messi… To Saudi Arabia without permission → ‘2 weeks suspension’, the club exploded

Lionel Messi is expected to leave the team after a feud with Paris Saint-Germain. 

French media L’Equipe reported on the 3rd (Korean time) that “PSG will not renew the contract with Messi.” 

At the time of the transfer market last winter, there were reports that a renewal of the contract with PSG was influential, but recently news that he would leave the team and that he could return to Barcelona came out, and the news of the renewal of the contract with PSG has been quiet. 

Rather, the relationship between the club and Messi has become more strained. Messi recently headed to Saudi Arabia without permission to serve as an ambassador, despite PSG’s decision to conduct training rather than an originally scheduled break to improve the sluggish team situation. 

The club decided to impose a two-week suspension and a weekly wage deprivation on Messi, who did not follow the team’s decision and decided to go to Saudi Arabia without permission. 

In the end, Messi and PSG’s feud got worse, and there were even reports that he would not remain at PSG in the end. 

L’Equipe said: “Messi, who was sanctioned for going to Saudi Arabia, will not be at PSG next season. This is the result of the last 48 hours, and Lionel Messi’s departure to Saudi Arabia without informing the club has caused a feud with the Paris leadership. The club We have decided not to extend the contract with him.”  스포츠토토

“Until recently, the desire to continue the contract with Messi came from some of the club’s leadership, but Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia made all decision makers agree on the renewal of the Messi contract,” he said. Due to this, PSG management explained that they had agreed not to renew the contract with Messi. 

It is reported that PSG players were also shaken by Messi’s move, and attention is expected to be focused on whether Messi and the players can show good chemistry for the rest of the season. 

Reporter Loik Tanji of L’Equipe said, “The PSG players were agitated thinking that Messi was favored by the club,” and mentioned that this situation could lead to problems with the players. 

Messi’s move to PSG, which attracted attention as the transfer of the best active player, is more likely to end disappointingly due to a discord between the club and the player.


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