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Released → Trained player → Fighting cancer → Standing tall at 30SV → Winning Henggarae Closer → FA jackpot “Desperately until the end”

“If there is a team that chooses me, let’s do it earnestly until the end.”

Right-hander Won Jong-hyun (36) signed a 4-year, 2.5 billion won contract with Kiwoom in the 2022-2023 FA market. Although he is not young, Kiwoom believed in his ability and boldly invested and strengthened the bullpen. There is no player with as many stories in the KBO league as Won Jong-hyun. He joined LG in the past, but was released after not playing a game in the first team, and after a test, he joined NC as a foster player.

In 2014, he played 73 games in the first team and made his name known in earnest. However, the brakes were immediately applied. Because he was diagnosed with colon cancer. He came back healthy with an indomitable will and regained his competitiveness to the extent of winning 17 holds in 54 matches in the 2016 season. In 2019 and 2020, he turned into a closer and recorded 31 saves and 30 saves.

In particular, it was the integrated championship closer of NC in 2020. When NC won the Korean Series against Doosan, it became a ‘Henggarae (ceremony) closer’. Coincidentally, the place where Yang Eui-ji (Doosan) and Eui-ji embraced each other the moment the championship was confirmed was his new home stadium, Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome. 바카라 At the time, the postseason was played as a neutral game under the Corona 19 protocol.

I met Jonghyun Won earlier this month at Kiwoom’s Scottsdale, Arizona Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. In his unique plain tone, he said, “It’s the first time I’m having a camp here, but it’s important to get along with the players and to improve my condition. are having fun It’s a team with a lot of young players, but they play baseball equally. I think I will become a pitcher who goes out around the 8th inning. I watched some of Kiwoom’s postseason last year, and it was fun. Whether he lost or won, it was really nice to see him lively.”

A pitcher with the keywords of release, fostering player, and fight against disease even occupied the modifier of FA jackpot. Won Jong-hyun said, “I didn’t think I would do FA. After doing my best year after year, I received good treatment and came here. He will have a good season if he does what he has prepared.”


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