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‘Resurrection Promise’ Park Min-woo “I will show the old me again”

Park Min-woo (30, NC Dinos), who received a free agent contract for a lifetime contract, is preparing to flap his wings.

In an interview with Star News at Changwon NC Park on the 11th, Park Min-woo expressed his determination, saying, “I have a desire to 카지노사이트 show the side of Park Min-woo that many people knew before.”

The past two seasons were a dark time for Park Min-woo. Starting with the SNS controversy, injuries and various incidents occurred one after another. His performance also shattered his pride as a 30% hitter for 6 consecutive years as he recorded a batting average of 2.6 for the second consecutive year.

Park Min-woo, who returned in early May after being punished for violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules last year, only had a batting average of 0.232 until June, making him feel regretful. However, after starting July with a five-game hitting streak, he posted a batting average of 0.289 in the second half, showing hope for 2023. In particular, in the last 10 games, when the team entered the fight for the top 5 in September, his batting average rose to 0.351.

Good things happened after the season. Park Min-woo, who obtained the FA qualification for the first time in his life, signed a contract with NC in November of last year for a contract period of 8 years (5 + 3 years) and a maximum of 14 billion won. If he wins the best option for 3 years, he will become a player who has played for 19 years only in NC.

However, Park Min-woo was not satisfied. He asserted, “If the team doesn’t make it to the semifinals, even if I play 30/50 or 400/000, it doesn’t help.” At the same time, he said, “Because baseball is a sport that needs to be shown as a result, any individual performance is meaningless if you can’t go to fall baseball.”

Referring to the two years of slowdown, Park Min-woo said, “Unfortunately, if I do well, the team seems to have gone to fall baseball.” As he said, starting with the season in which he became the rookie of the year with a batting average of 0.298 and 50 steals in 2014, and until winning the second baseman Golden Glove in 2020, Park Min-woo recorded a batting average of . Achieved two fall baseball and one integrated championship (2020).

In particular, Park Min-woo, who accurately remembered the date of winning the Korean Series in 2020 (November 24), said, “It is a moment that can be counted among three fingers in baseball life.”

Leaving behind the thrilling championship, NC has not been able to play fall baseball for the last two seasons. Park Min-woo was especially sorry for the fact that not a single postseason game was held at Changwon NC Park. After opening in 2019, it entered fall baseball twice, but in 2019 it ended with one game in the wild card series (Jamsil Baseball Stadium), and in 2020 it ended with a neutral game in the Korean series (Gocheok Sky Dome) due to Corona 19.

Park Min-woo raised his voice, saying, “It doesn’t make sense that such a good baseball field was built and the team that used it as the home stadium won the championship, but we never played fall baseball at that stadium.” He said, “It can be said that it is a natural duty to show autumn baseball at Changwon NC Park.”

Personally, Park Min-woo continues to prepare for the 2023 season. He said he was most hectic during the winter of the last 2-3 years, and smiled, saying, “I’m in good shape.

A large contract can be a burden, but Park Min-woo rather mentioned ‘responsibility’. He said, “I can’t accept the results of the last two years, so I want to show my old self even for the sake of my pride,” and said, “So I’m preparing for this camp with a strong heart.”

Coincidentally, this year, Park Min-woo goes to an overseas spring camp for the first time in three years since 2020, when he last recorded a batting average of 30%. NC will depart for Tucson, Arizona, USA on January 29 and return in early March. Park Min-woo confided, “If you build your body in Korea, the weather is cold and you can’t do it better than in the US.”

Park Min-woo picked three goals for the upcoming 2023 season. He said, “The first thing is to go to fall baseball. That’s my personal goal because I’m a player who plays an important role.” He continued, “The second goal is to recreate the old look, and finally, the goal is to play a good role as a bridge between the young players and senior players in the middle so that a new face or new color can emerge.”


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