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‘Return to Greece’ Hwang In-beom, fan service until the end even if departure time is tight

Hwang In-beom performed a fan service for all the fans who came to see him off.

Hwang In-beom will board a plane at Incheon International Airport on the 17th (Korean time) to join his team, Olympiacos (Greece). An official from Hwang In-beom’s side explained, “After arriving at Incheon Airport on the night of the 16th, we plan to check in first and then conduct an interview.”

However, 스포츠토토 countless fans were waiting for Hwang In-beom at the airport, and in an instant, a long line to get his autograph was formed. Hwang In-beom signed autographs and took pictures with fans, so sending luggage became an afterthought. After signing autographs for the Korean national soccer team uniforms and national flags brought by fans, they continued to take pictures.

The interview was only possible after some arrangements were made. Applause broke out when Hwang In-beom, who had an interview for about 20 minutes, expressed his gratitude to the fans who came to see him off.

Hwang In-beom immediately proceeded to check-in while leaving his luggage. Even after that, the fan service continued. Fans who had not yet received an autograph from Hwang In-beom lined up again. However, because the time to board the plane was tight, Hwang In-beom’s representative came forward and said, “I’m sorry, but I’ll just take a picture quickly.”

Hwang In-beom was able to spend time with his family only after taking a picture with the last fan. Even that was short. The flight that Hwang In-beom had to board was flight TK0091, and the scheduled departure time was 12:15 am on the 17th. Generally, the time to board the plane closes 10 to 30 minutes before the departure time. Hwang In-beom entered the departure hall after 11:00 pm on the 16th.

Hwang In-beom is called the ‘Prince’ by coach Paulo Bento and is a midfielder who contributed greatly to Korea’s advancement to the round of 16 at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. When coach Bento called Hwang In-beom’s name for the first time, there were many doubts about his qualifications, but in the end he proved it with his skills.

A fan who came to the airport to see Hwang In-bum off said with a trembling voice, “He is a grateful player who allowed Korea to advance to the round of 16. I have no choice but to love him more because he is giving fan service to each fan like today.” did.