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Satisfied with the reinforcement of the midfield and defense… ‘Re-challenge for promotion’ Anyang, winger gap is key

The reinforcement of the midfield and defense was steadily 메이저사이트 carried out. The key is to fill the winger void.
FC Anyang, led by coach Lee Woo-hyeong, failed to promote last season after losing to Suwon Samsung in the promotion playoffs (PO). After the end of the season, there was also a departure of the main axis resources. Baek Sung-dong moved to Pohang Steelers, and 메이저사이트 it is likely that Akosti and Kim Kyung-joong will also leave for Suwon Samsung. The wingers all changed their uniforms.

First of all, it is okay to reinforce the midfield and defense. I was on loan last summer, but it is nice to see midfielder Kim Jung-hyun and defender Koo Dae-young, who were fully recruited this time. Kim Jeong-hyun was a loan student, but armed with a fighting spirit, he energized Anyang’s midfield. Another midfielder, Kim Jung-min, brought in from Busan I’Park, is a resource chosen by Lee himself. Although he has not played a prominent role on the professional stage, his potential is rich enough to have passed through the national team at each age level. There are also Andrigo, Hwang Ki-wook, and Hong Chang-beom, who were previously playing.

Defender Kim Hyung-jin, who returned from an injury at the end of last season, is also expected to contribute. Baek Dong-gyu, Lee Chang-yong, and Park Jong-hyun, who was used as an under-22 (U-22) resource last season, are also responsible for the back door. As for side defenders, Kim Dong-jin and Joo Hyun-woo can rotate with Koo Dae-young. As for the waist line and defense, Lee is also satisfied.
Just need to fill the winger void. Anyang moved quickly and brought Jo Seong-jun and Ahn Yong-woo, who were playing in the first division. Both played side defenders in their previous teams, and Lee is expected to use Cho Seong-jun and Ahn Yong-woo as wingers. However, except for the two players, there is no suitable winger in the squad. Anyang, which has two foreign players so far, is known to be looking for an additional winger.

Here, coach Lee is also considering a tactical change. Anyang operated a 3-4-3 formation last season. The role of the wingers to help the frontline striker in the three-top was important. However, as the winger’s depth has weakened, he plans to fill the void with new tactics. It remains to be seen what plan coach Lee, a veteran coach who has gone through, will come up with through off-season training.