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Signs of great success from the first game, Gimpo Lewis “I will raise 18 to 20 attack points”

“I will try to raise 18 to 20 attack points.”

It’s a sign of ‘big hit’ from the first game. This is the story of Gimpo FC’s foreign striker Luis Mina (30, Colombia).

Lewis started on the 5th at the opening match of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 against Cheonan City FC held at the soccer field at Salteo Sports Park. It was his K-League debut. Luis, who made his professional debut with Colombian Popayan in 2017, has since been active mainly in the Colombian league. He was most recently with Makara, Ecuador. He made his K-League debut this season wearing a Gimpo uniform.

He looked fierce from the start. From the beginning of the game, he aggressively aimed at the opponent’s goal. The opportunity came in the 43rd minute of the second half when the team was leading 2-0. Lewis ran into the opposing camp with quick feet. Cheonan committed a foul without catching up to his speed. The referee blew his whistle and awarded a penalty kick. Lewis calmly succeeded as the penalty kicker he had earned. He clenched both of his fists. Lewis, who was in a good mood, even helped Jang Yun-ho score in extra time in the second half. He recorded 1 goal -1 assist in his K League debut.

After the match, Lewis said, “It wasn’t an easy match. The most important thing was team play. I think that worked out well. I think I was able to have a good match because I communicated well with the players who came in as substitutes. “I was able to win thanks to hard preparation. I am really grateful to the fans. Thanks to their support, I gained strength during the game. I wanted to play more games.” 먹튀검증

Lewis only joined team training last month. He worked together for about a month. He said, “I am grateful to my colleagues, staff, and coach for adapting. Without my colleagues, it would have been difficult to adapt. I am not 100% in condition, but I am about 90%. I will train a little harder and make it 100% while playing games.” said

Lewis’ strong supporter is coach Go Jeong-woon. He said, “Coach Go Jeong-woon says that team play is the most important thing on the field. Without team play, you can’t score goals together and you can’t play a good game. He also says a lot outside the field. He did,” he said.

Lewis’ ‘K-League Dream’ has just begun. He said, “I could make mistakes during winter training, but I paid attention because I had to avoid mistakes unconditionally on the actual stage. Since the goal is clear, I think I have to work harder. My first goal is to be able to go up to K-League 1 next year. Colleagues , I will work hard with the staff so that we can achieve that goal together. We will record 18 to 20 attack points.”


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