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SSG Lee Jae-won and Park Jong-hoon deliver donations to support treatment for children from low-income families

SSG Landers catcher Lee Jae-won and pitcher Park Jong-hoon delivered donations accumulated through the ‘Hope Dream Campaign’ and ‘Happiness Dream Campaign’ with Inha University Hospital on the 9th.

Lee Jae-won accumulated a total of 3.22 million won in donations, 60,000 won and 100,000 won, respectively, according to the number of hits and home runs recorded this season through the ‘Hope Dream Campaign’. Through the ‘Happiness Dream Campaign’, Park Jong-hoon accumulated 1 million won each according to the number of wins recorded this season, and accumulated a total of 3 million won in donations.

A total of 6.22 million won of donations 메이저놀이터 accumulated by the two will be used for the treatment of rare diseases and childhood cancer for children from low-income families.

Lee Jae-won said through the club, “It feels good to see the donations accumulated during the season going back to patients in need. I hope that through this campaign, a little hope and happiness will be added to the daily lives of children.”

Park Jong-hoon also said, “We have been running a campaign with Inha University Hospital for 4 years already.” I will continue to do my best to share the love I have received with many places.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jae-won and Park Jong-hoon continue their good deeds, such as supporting speech therapy for underprivileged children in Incheon through ‘love sharing events’ and donating 5 million won to the Dawon youth baseball team.


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