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The director’s ankle brace? Director Jo Sang-hyun of LG cannot give up his suit even if he is sick

Basketball is an extreme sport where physical fights are allowed . Here, sprint ( sprinting ) and jumping movements are also performed countless times . Players who spend a lot of playing time do not have a body left while digesting a season . Taping on the knees and ankles is standard . There are also numerous players wearing protective gear here .

Changwon LG coach Jo Sang-hyun also wears protective gear. It is not easy to stand on the basketball court for about 2 hours wearing hard shoes as much as the players who run on the court . For a long time, it was essential for coaching staff to wear suits, but KBL allowed them to wear T-shirts with collars, and more coaches are sticking to comfortable attire. Here,  I go to the game wearing regular sneakers or sneakers with cushions . Rather, there is a view that comfortable clothes are better suited to the image of basketball events than suits . 스포츠토토

Regardless of this, coach Cho Sang-hyun sticks to wearing a suit in every match . It ‘s hard to catch on TV , but he wears a thick brace on his right ankle . Wearing shoes and being on the court for a long time caused pain in my ankles . He said , “ My ankle hurts so much that I once wore comfortable shoes, but they did n’t match my suit . So he puts on the shoes again, but after standing for about 3 hours before and after the game, his feet and ankles hurt . ”

He insists on wearing a suit even though his ankle hurts . Director Jo Sang-hyun said, “ Each person has a different opinion, but I still think that wearing a neat suit is right . Even if it hurts a little, I have no choice but to keep wearing the shoes, ” he laughed .


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