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“The Dodgers are holding their breath.” What about going to the hospital as the first choice for a shortstop with 400 billion won?

The Los Angeles Dodgers faced bad news from the beginning of the exhibition game.

On the 28th (Korean time), the Dodgers played an exhibition game against the San Diego Padres at Peoria Stadium in Peoria, Arizona, USA.

Dodgers offense in the 6th inning. Luke Williams hit a grounder on third base on a chance on first and second base safely, and Gavin Lux, runner on second base, ran toward third base. However, at this time, Lux suffered an injury to his right knee while playing base, and sat down on third base to complain of his pain. When Lux couldn’t get up, the Dodgers asked for a cart to be sent to the ground, and Lux ​​was helped and carried on the cart.

This hit was eventually recorded as a double hit that led to the third baseman, second baseman, and first baseman, but the second baseman who threw to the first base was none other than Kim Ha-seong. Ha-seong Kim scored 1 run in 3 at-bats, including a double, on this day.

Lux was a strong resource as the Dodgers’ starting shortstop this year. The Dodgers have the task of filling the void left by Trey Turner, who transferred to the Philadelphia Phillies through free agency after last season. Turner chose to part ways with the Dodgers, signing an 11-year, $300 million contract with Philadelphia. 온라인바카라

The Dodgers’ first-choice replacement for Turner was Lux. Last year, Lux recorded a batting average of .276 with 6 homers, 42 RBIs and 7 stolen bases, laying the groundwork for him to become a full-time starter. His hits also marked the first triple-digit hit of his career, hitting 116.

The preparation for this season was also ambitious. “Lux increased his muscle mass by about 9kg this offseason to enhance his power,” explained the official website on the same day.

Lux is scheduled to undergo an MRI scan at the hospital that day. ‘’ said, “Now the Dodgers are holding their breath waiting for positive news about Lux’s injury.”


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