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The second baseball camp for young baseball dreamers started in KBO from last year, and this year, the ‘2023 KBO Next-Level Training Camp 1st Training’ started at the Gijang-KBO Baseball Center Softball Playground from January 25th. This year, it was also composed of 40 elite members of the 6th grade of elementary school selected by the Little Baseball Federation.

In this training, the coaching staff is the same as last year, led by coach Jang Jong-hun, and with coach Kim Min-woo newly joining as the defensive coach, all coaches are made up of professional coaches.

Like last year, I also got the opportunity to work as a hitting coach, and the players will digest various programs for two weeks.

Since the Little League selected excellent players, I was curious about what kind of players they were and how they were different from last year’s players. 메이저놀이터 The impressive part I felt while training together for the first time was the young players who are good at weight shifts, and the way they try to do it even if it doesn’t go well.

Last year, most of the weight stayed behind and we spent a lot of time explaining how and why the weight shift was done, but this year I didn’t feel the need to explain how to do the weight shift. So in the evening, I had time to explain batting theory with the players.

The reason for the weight shift is a preliminary action to speed up the rotation of the body, and the hitting point must be formed in front so that the ball can hit hard and go far, and why the waist must rotate quickly.

After that, I had time to check with my own eyes while watching videos of Chae Eun-seong with a wide weight shift, Park Byeong-ho with a slightly narrower weight shift, and Lee Jung-hoo with an average weight shift. For elementary school players, I thought that a video that you can check with your own eyes is more effective than a difficult theory.

In particular, based on the data obtained through last year’s biomechanics measurement, I tried to easily and simply explain the motions required for hitting. Baseball theory lectures can be boring, so to increase concentration, I personally filmed two players selected through rock-paper-scissors and analyzed the video. It seems to have had an effect on concentration.


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