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The highest rate of increase for rising stars of ‘regional connection’… NC, salary negotiations completed

NC Dinos concluded salary negotiations before leaving for spring camp. Players from the local area recorded the highest rate of increase in pitching.

NC said, “This year, we have completed salary negotiations with a total of 62 people, excluding rookies and free agents. Excluding Gu Chang-mo, who recently signed a multi-year contract worth 13.2 billion won in 6+1 years, Kim Si-hoon and Oh Young-soo recorded the highest rate of increase in pitcher and fielder,” he announced on the 27th.

Kim Si-hoon, who recorded 11 holds in 59 games last year, was stamped with a 200% increase to 90 million won, and Oh Young-soo was recognized for his performance in 83 games, the most since his debut, and received a new annual salary of 60 million won, a 100% increase.

The two, who debuted as pros side by side in 2018, are promising pitchers from the NC region. Kim Si-hoon graduated from Yangdeok Elementary School – Masan Dong Middle School – Masan High School, and Oh Young-soo graduated from Sapa Elementary School – Sinwol Middle School – Yongma High School.

In addition, left-handed pitcher Kim Young-gyu, who played 72 games last year and earned 13 holds, entered the first billion won salary in his life with a 47% increase rate. 바카라사이트

In addition, Kim Jin-ho recorded a 100% raise and received 60 million won, and Ha Jun-young received an 88% increase to 75 million won.

On the other hand, Shim Chang-min, who wore the NC uniform as a trade before last season, received a 46% salary cut of 150 million won, and Park Seok-min received a 93% salary cut of 50 million won.


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