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The real reason for Tuchel’s dismissal from Chelsea in the divorce lawsuit for ‘Shut Up’

‘Do not disclose!’

Manager Thomas Tuchel was suddenly sacked from Chelsea in September. It was a shocking decision, but Tuchel and Chelsea did not reveal the exact reason. At the time, it was speculated that the reason for the hardship was discord with the owner Todd Boelli and poor performance.

However, six months after the hardship, the outline of the ‘real reason’ was revealed. Totally unexpected content. Coach Tuchel was sacked because of ‘private life issues outside of the game’. Currently, Tuchel is working to prevent more details from being released to the public. This is because he judges that his reputation can be further tarnished if it is revealed. The range of ‘privacy issues’ is so broad that it’s hard to guess, but it’s possible that it’s a woman’s problem. 이브벳 토토

On the 11th (Korean time), the British mass media The Sun reported shocking news that “Coach Tuchel was sacked from Chelsea for some reason outside of the game, and now his ex-wife is trying to prevent him from disclosing the real reason for his dismissal.” Citing a report from Germany’s Bild magazine, the media said, “In the process of divorce proceedings between Tuchel and Sissy, who had been married for 13 years, the internal reason for Chelsea’s dismissal was revealed. The cause was the loss of trust in the players due to problems outside of the game,’ he said.


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