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Lucas Moura (Tottenham), who has been sluggish since Antonio Conte took over, is leaving the team. 

British media Football London said in an article on the 13th, “Coach Conte has confirmed the club’s position that he will not extend the contract with Moura after the end of this season. Moura will leave the team after the season.” 

Moura is only playing in 11 games in the 2022-23 season. Conte explained: “My plan is to take Moura with him. However, due to injury, 먹튀검증 I have not had a chance to use him. Moura leaving is not an easy situation for Tottenham, but I respect the club’s decision.” 

Moura showed good performance as an attacking resource after joining Tottenham in 2018. In particular, he scored a hat-trick against Ajax in the semi-finals of the European Football Federation Champions League in the 2018-19 season, leading Tottenham to the finals like a drama. 

However, with the recent addition of Klusepski and Hischarlisson, Moura’s position has greatly narrowed. In this situation, his sluggishness continues without showing his strengths.  


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