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Tottenham ‘Unlucky Prospect’ Palace Ghana… “Recruitment of Zaha”

Wilfried Zaha is highly likely to leave.

Crystal Palace want a new striker. This is because they need a player to replace Zaha, whose contract ends at the end of this season. It is expected that there will be no contract extension with Zaha.

The British media’The Sun’ said on the 10th (Korean time), “Palace is watching Sunderland winger Jack Clark as a replacement for Zaha. Clark has been interested since he was playing for the Leeds United youth team. Immediate action in the transfer market this summer We will go ahead with the contract.”

Zaha has been playing for Palace since the 2014-15 season. With his dribbling ability, which is one of the best in the Premier League, he played an active role as the team’s undisputed main striker.

Palace is trying to hand over such Zaha’s position to Clark, a promising player born in 2000. Clarke is a versatile striker who can play as a winger, wingback and striker.

He debuted in the Leeds adult team in his late teens and was recognized for his potential. He moved to Tottenham in 2019 and was evaluated as a striker with high potential. Tottenham have consistently used Clark in their youth team and watched his growth. 먹튀검증

But there was no place at Tottenham. He couldn’t break through the fierce competition for the starting lineup.

From 2019 to 2022, Clark played only 4 games for Tottenham’s senior team. He went on loan to Queens Park Rangers, Stoke City, Leeds and Sunderland.

Last year, he completely transferred to Sunderland. It means that Tottenham has completely abandoned their expectations for Clark.

Wearing a Sunderland uniform, he flew. He scored 10 goals and nine assists in a total of 42 appearances this season.

Palace still saw Clark as competitive. It is expected that it can be bigger than it is now if it is given stable playing time in the Premier League, not the big club.


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