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Ulsan’s new captain Jeong Seung-hyun “Lee Chung-yong’s successor is burdensome”

Jung Seung-hyeon (Ulsan) has heavy shoulders. I wear the armband as captain of Ulsan, the K-League defending champion this season. The weight of the armband is unusual. It has a special meaning because he is from Ulsan Hyundai High School, a youth school in Ulsan. I met Jeong Seung-hyun, who was sweating in the Algarve, Portugal.

Regarding the captain’s armband, he said frankly, “It was a burden at first.” He added, “I wondered if it was true that I was in charge.”

One of the reasons for the burden was ‘full-time captain’ Lee Chung-yong. Lee Chung-yong led the team to its first K-League championship in 17 years with his unique leadership. Ulsan became one with Lee Chung-yong at the center, and built a monumental achievement of winning the league.

Jung Seung-hyun said, “Actually, we joked about something among ourselves. ‘It would be very burdensome for another player to claim after (Lee) Chung-yong hyung.’ 메이저사이트 I thought it would be a burden because I am a player,” he said. He laughed, saying, “But I never dreamed that I would be given the next burdensome captain’s seat.”

What kind of claim does Jeong Seung-hyun want to be? He said, “I’ve thought about various things,” and took his luck. he concluded. “Rather than copying Cheng-yong’s older brother, I will do it the way I am,” he added. At the same time, he announced his determination as a captain and the direction of the team leadership, saying, “I will work energetically and passionately. I will make a lot of noise inside and outside the playground and raise the atmosphere.”


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