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“We are not married” Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo, K-League ‘strongest midfielder’ on the rise

The midfield line that Incheon United is proud of will soon appear. So far, the preparations have gone smoothly. 

Shin Jin-ho (35), who participated in the K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at the International Hotel in Changwon City, Gyeongsangnam-do on the 14th, said, “I was very excited before coming (to Incheon). We thought among ourselves, ‘When will we be able to play soccer together again?

Shin Jin-ho and Lee Myung-joo (33), who are senior and junior at Pocheol Technical High School and Yeungnam University, have been working together since high school. 토토사이트 His professional debut was also at Pohang Steelers in 2011 and 2012 respectively. The two had a glorious time in Pohang. In 2013, he led the K-League team’s first ‘double (K-League/FA Cup championship)’. They are playing on the same team again after 10 years. 

Shin Jin-ho said, “I think there is a player who reads my thoughts. Lee Myung-joo thinks about what to do when I catch the ball. I also know what Myung Joo is good at. He always thinks about what to do when Myeong-ju catches the ball. Over time, he seems to be breathing better.” 

Lee Myeong-ju also agreed. He said, “It feels different just by exchanging passes (with Shin Jin-ho).” In England, the Tottenham duo Son Heung-min and Harry Kane, who boast fantastic chemistry, are described as a ‘couple’ on the ground. When these words came out, Lee Myung-joo said, “We are not a couple. I’ll look for a (proper) expression later. What is certain is that they are not a couple.” 


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