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“We have to endure April well”… Cracked kt mound, my head hurts before the season

“I think I will have to endure the month of April well.”

Lee Kang-cheol, director of kt Wiz, shared his concerns. The reason is the mound. My head hurts from the injury and departure of key players from before the season and the sluggish performance.

kt was hit by lightning recently. Kim Min-soo (31) and Ju Kwon (28), who should have been centered in the bullpen, were injured. Kim Min-soo was diagnosed with a right shoulder supraspinatus tendon injury, and Ju-kwon was diagnosed with a right forearm muscle injury and needed to rest for two months.

Kim Min-soo and Joo-kwon play an important role in Team Guo-jin. Kim Min-soo made a big success last year with an average ERA of 1.90 in 76 games, 30 holds, and 80⅔innings. Sovereignty also energized with an average ERA of 3.91 in 58 games, 50⅔innings, and 15 holds. The two players ranked 1st and 3rd, respectively, for the most appearances on the team, and the weight was large enough to occupy a large number of holds.

In the absence of the two players, relatively less experienced players have no choice but to enter. It is speculated that Park Young-hyeon (20), who is in his second year as a pro, and Kim Young-hyeon (21), who has no first-team experience, will fill the void.

On the 23rd, ahead of the exhibition game against the LG Twins, Lee talked about Ku Guo-jin and the substitutes for the missing two Seung-jo Pil. “(Kim Young-hyun) is good now, so it is a card that can be used. Once the ball is in control, he throws a breaking ball at a disadvantageous count. (Substitute) is in the candidate,” he said. “That’s why my head hurts. No experience. We are giving them chances, but at the beginning of the (regular season) we have to win, so we can’t test (a rookie). If you hit a lot of batters, you can send them out once. (There are substitutes) In terms of numbers… it’s difficult.”

The commander’s concerns do not stop here. Right-handed pitcher Jae-Seong (27) is also not improving his physical condition. Exclusiveness did his part as the team’s starting pitcher, recording 29 wins, 27 losses and 414⅔ innings in the 2019-2021 season. However, last year he was sluggish with 3 wins, 9 losses and 107 innings, and even during the exhibition game, he is struggling with 3 runs in 5⅔ innings in 2 games. 메이저놀이터

Regarding exclusion, coach Lee said, “I need a relief pitcher, so I have a lot of trouble sending it to the bullpen.” There is a lot left, but we need to prepare for the Hangzhou Asian Games in 2023. So I tried to use it as a starter…” expressing regret.

“Lee Jung-hyeon (26), Park Si-young (34), and Jeon Jeon-joo (23) are also in the rehabilitation group. He also started pitching live. As a left-handed pitcher, I think so, and if Jo Hyun-woo (29) and others come back well… I think I will have to endure the month of April. If you only go to the 8th and 9th innings, then (there are players to use), so you have to go somehow until the 6th inning and block each inning (7th) one batter at a time.”

Attention is focusing on how the kt mound, which has been in crisis since before the season, will solve the problem.


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