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Yukcheongmyeong? Park Chae-wool? Lena Park? Yun Kim? … Professional officials, Gangneung League gathering, starting to cover stones

Recently, the winter league of high school baseball is in full swing.

In the winter league held in each region, they prepare for the season by combining field training and technical training. In particular, the 2023 season starts the fastest ever. The regular season begins on March 18th. Therefore, each school has no choice but to raise their senses by playing as many games as possible in the month of February.

Winter leagues are held in each region, but many good teams also participated in Gangneung, which is equipped with the best practice facilities. Chungam High School, Gyeonggi Aviation High School, Baemyeong High School, and Gangneung High School are typical examples. In addition, Cheongwon High School, Guriin Warehouse, and Seorak High School are also joining in for inspection. Professional club scouting officials also gathered in Gangneung. On this day, many professional clubs such as Doosan, Hanwha, Kia, and Lotte dispatched scout officials to Gangneung. This means that the selection process for this year’s rookie draft will slowly begin.

First of all, Gangneung High School, which hosts the winter league, is a strong contender this season as well. However, the current atmosphere is not so good. This is because the ace, Yuk Cheong-myeong (junior), was out of the team at the beginning of the season due to an injury. He underwent surgery to shave off the overgrown bone. Gangneung High School coach Choi Jae-ho said, “We are not going to overdo it. I think maybe it will be around May before I can catch the ball.” Yuk Cheong-myeong is a super high school level pitcher who is likely to be nominated for a higher rank this season. In addition, another pro-nomination candidate Cho Dae-hyeon (junior) is expected to need some time due to side stiffness.

At Chungam High School, most of the main pitchers are currently taking a break. Only Byeon Geon-woo (3rd grade) is throwing the ball, and Park Geon-woo is currently adjusting the pace. But the fielders are still playing the whole game. 바카라사이트 Many scouting officials keep an eye on Chungam High School’s strength.

Overall, there is a lack of beasts this year, because there are many good beasts in Chungam. There are several beasts, but the most notable players are Park Chae-wool (3rd year) and Lee Seon-woo (2nd year). Park Chae-wool is regarded as the best outfielder in the Seoul area because he is capable of center field, has quick feet and good contact skills. Lee Seon-woo has emerged as a candidate for the top-ranked pro nomination for next season with his outstanding batting skills. Chungam High School is expected to receive a lot of attention because there is a lack of fielders overall this season.


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